Nariman Aref has always dreamed of creating artistic garments filled with intricate details that go beyond the need to be aesthetically pleasing, but also tell a deeper story.

Nariman went to The International American University in Richmond, UK. She studied Design and photography for her undergraduate studies. She also went on to participate in courses at London School of Fashion. Following her education she worked with Suzie Turner Couturier and fell deeper in love with high quality craftsmanship that comes with the field of Couture. 

Haute Couture to Nariman is a medium through which art, sculpture, conceptual art and fashion intersect and magic happens. Our couture collection consists of fine craftsmanship and focus on intricate details using high quality materials. Any design within our collections are made in a number of limited pieces. Custom couture is another service of ours, which consists of creating a design that is made especially for you, a pattern is made, a fabric/material is chosen and then made just that once, never to be repeated again.